Feelings to curry | 広島にあるインド料理/カレー専門店★タンドール(tandoor)


With all thought “to want a visitor always to eat delicious curry”, I continue protecting taste not to change since the establishment of a business of 1984.
The thing which it is kind to a body, and is safe. And I donate the thing which thought that oneself are delicious.
It is the feelings that it is the simplest, and are the most important.
The discerning curry which I handcrafted for approximately 10 hours…Please try it once.
I use much discerning spice (spice) and herb (spicy grass) for the dish which we offer to the visitor.
Not holding these for merely flavor and a sweet smell, one one of the material shines by mixing it in exquisiteness in consideration of a digestion and nourishment side and it is healthy and is finished to a produced dish of the balance.
The India dish of the tandoor which can feel true charm of the spice which is not only hot, profundity of the herb, a thing such as the extent is merely born only after there are such a consideration, a technique while being spicy.